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 +====== Frequently Asked Questions ======
 +===== Why do you require my Google account? =====
 +OpenKJ and its various projects are managed and maintained by a single person, who also both has a full time job and is a karaoke host.  This means that securing your account information,​ which is incredibly important, would only be one among many competing priorities. ​ Google, on the other hand, has an entire department of experts dedicated solely to security.
 +===== Is my credit card information safe? =====
 +OpenKJ Songbook uses chargebee to handle subscriptions and payment info.  They are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, and your information is always transmitted to them via encrypted HTTPS connections. ​ The only part of your credit card number even visible to OpenKJ is the last 4 digits.
 +===== When will I be charged? =====
 +You will not be charged anything until your free trial period expires. ​ If you cancel any time during your free trial, you will not be charged anything. ​ Once your free trial expires, you will be charged for your first month and then automatically charged every month after that.
 +===== Do I need to update the database for each venue? =====
 +No, the song database is account wide.  All venues will use the same song data.
 +===== Can I have more than one venue active at a time? =====
 +No, currently we are only offering subscriptions/​services that are intended for use by a single KJ who has one system or uses the same song library on all of their systems. ​ Premium multi-op/​multi-rig accounts are in the works, which will allow multiple concurrent venues to accept requests at the same time and which will have venue specific song databases. ​ For now, you could still use the service, but would need to use a separate subscription for each venue or KJ.
 +===== I've enabled download vendor catalogs and want to do on-the-fly purchases, but where can I get the songs? =====
 +Songbook shares a database with the free [[https://​|OpenKJ Karaoke Database]] site for download vendor song data.  The simplest method would be to keep a window open to that site, and when a request comes through that's not already in your library, search db site and click the link to the song on the vendor'​s website.

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