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 +As of 2019-02-13 OpenKJ Songbook now supports multi-rig type setups.
 +Note!  If you only run at one venue at a time, this is not necessary.
 +The default account type only supports 1 concurrent hosting system and one library that's common to all venues.
 +If you modify your subscription and add additional system entitlements,​ you will then be able to use the service with multiple hosting systems at different venues at the same time, each with its own unique songbook library.
 +On the client side, you will need to make sure you are running the latest stable version of either the OpenKJ hosting software or the OpenKJ standalone Songbook Agent. ​ In the same settings area where you set your API key, there is now a system ID field as well.  It will allow you to select the ID (tied to the hosting system license) to use for that particular computer. ​ Once set, your songbook library updates will be specific to that system ID and when you set a venue to accepting it will automatically switch it to use the correct library for your system.
 +You need to make sure you are using different system IDs for each hosting computer. ​ For example, if you have 4 systems and have purchased 4 entitlements,​ you will need to set one up on system ID 1, one on system ID 2, one on system ID 3, and finally, one on system ID 4.  Additionally,​ once you have set the system IDs, you will need to update your remote database from each of those systems.
 +If you inadvertently left a venue set to accepting from another system on a different system ID, you can force it to switch over to use the proper library by toggling accepting off and then back on from the system you'll be using.
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