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Uploading your song data to the cloud using the Songbook Agent

You have two options for getting your song data imported and pushing it up to the cloud. You can either import the artist and title data from a CSV file or have the agent scan your files.

Using CSV data (Preferred)

If you have your song metadata in CSV (comma separated value) format already, have a spreadsheet which can be exported as CSV, or your hosting software supports exporting the song data as CSV (or, as before, into a format which can then be exported to CSV), this is probably the best option.

You will supply a file name, indicate which columns the artist and title data is in, and then click the Load CSV Data button. This will populate the preview pane with the data it pulled in from the CSV file. If the data looks good, click the Update Songbook button. This will clear your current song data in the cloud and replace it with the imported data.

If you host using CompuHost, you can export CSV data by going to the “SongList” menu and selecting “Export Songlist”. When importing the file, set the artist column to 2 and the title column to 1.

Using Scan Files

If your files all use the same naming pattern, use a delimiter/separator character/string between the different data in the filenames, and are all under a single directory structure, you can have the agent determine your song artists and titles based on the filenames.

You will select the directory that the files are stored under, set the separator string that's used to delineate between the data, and set which sections contains the artist and title info. Be as specific as you can on the separator. For example “ - ” versus “-”. Lots of artists and titles have hyphens in them, but they're not usually surrounded by spaces, whereas most common naming standards for karaoke files do have spaces on both sides of a hyphen when it is used as a separator.

Once you have everything set, click the Scan Directory button and it will populate the preview pane with the song data it found. If it looks good, you can click the Update Songbook button and it will clear your current song data in the cloud and replace it with the imported data. If it doesn't look right, adjust your settings and try scanning again.

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